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Tips for breastfeeding in public

There are few places and people that are against breastfeeding in public, but it pays to be as discreet as possible so that neither you or the public feel uncomfortable.

Many mums in Britain today feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding in public. Breasts are often seen primarily as sexual rather than to feed your baby, so it can be the case that women experience some negative attention while breastfeeding in public. 

Despite breastfeeding being seen as a taboo it is important to remember that it is the most natural thing in the world and you should feel confident enough to feed your baby whenever they’re hungry without having to hide in the public bathroom or forego breastfeeding until you get home. To help you feel happy about breastfeeding in public we have few tips with some tips from breastfeeding expert Geraldine Miskin
· Geraldine recommends you practice before going out in public. “Try feeding on different chairs and sofa.’’ Breastfeed without a breastfeeding cushion, or if you feel that you would like some support, try using a rolled up cellular blanket or similar. Also to get you used to public situations ‘practice at home or a friend’s house before heading out.’  
· Like with most things to do with a baby planning is important. If you are heading out to a shopping centre it may be worth seeing if you can find out if there are ‘breastfeeding friendly places’. Also ask your midwife or a friend about places that they recommend you breastfeed such as parks, cafe’s and restaurants.
· Plan your wardrobe as well as where you need to go. To maintain your modesty it may be worth layering up with a t-shirt that is easy to pull up and a vest that is easy to pull down. Nursing bras should be easy to maneuver as well and if you are still not sure before you leave why not practice in the mirror to put your mind at rest.
· There are a variety of baby slings, scarves and cloths that can be used to shield your baby’s head and position baby easily without you having to hold them. 
· If you are not completely comfortable breastfeeding in public alone take someone with you or better yet another mum and breastfeed in public together. There are breastfeeding groups which aim to get you feeling empowered as you breastfeed in public.
Geraldine Miskin, breastfeeding expert also adds
‘Not all mums want to nurse in public, so if it is not for you don’t worry about it!  You can express and bottle-feed your milk to baby instead.’ 
‘Another option is to feed before you leave home and when you return

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