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Working and Breastfeeding Many working mothers have no choice but to return to work before they would like to stop breastfeeding. Formula is absolutely fine but there are options for mums who wish to breastfeed. If you still wish to breastfeed with careful planning and consideration you can still ensure your baby is breastfed. Here are a few tips for mothers who are planning on returning to work with a few added quotes from breastfeeding expert Geraldine Miskin.   


Lactose intolerance
On rare occasions, a baby might not be thriving on


What is colic?
When a new baby is unsettled and crying, we rush


Overcoming breastfeeding problems
Although in the long run, breastfeeding is a wonde...


Expressing breastmilk
Expressing breastmilk has many benefits....


Colic survival tips
All babies will spend some of each day crying – telling you they are hungry, tired, they need a change or they are uncomfortable. However, when a baby seems to be in discomfort or crying for more than three hours each day on an almost daily basis for more than a week or two, then they might be described as suffering from colic.

Donating breast milk to Special Care Baby Units
Many breastfeeding mothers, who find they have ple...

Why you might not be able to breastfeed
There are some instances in which a new mother sim...

Breastfeeding Guide: getting started
Breastfeeding is a great start for you and your ba...


Breastfeeding diet
Although there are many foods that you need to avoid in pregnancy, breastfeeding does not carry so many restrictions.

Expressing breast milk for bottle feeding
Expressing breastmilk has many benefits. If you wa...

Tips for breastfeeding in public
There are few places and people that are against b...

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