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A-Z Pregnancy Symptoms

Did your pregnancy dreams include visions of a neat rounded belly, and little kicks that made your heart flutter? While it's true that pregnancy has its share of wonderful moments and experiences to cherish, it also has a raft of less than fabulous pregnancy symptoms - including many you'd rather not discuss in public and many you'd probably like to forget (which you will, by the way, since forgetfulness is another symptom).

There are pregnancy symptoms you expected (like morning sickness – which also arrives in the evening) and symptoms you almost definitely didn't (like constipation, nosebleeds and bleeding gums). It's probably reassuring to know that you're not alone suffering these ailments - you're actually joining millions of other expectant women who are also wading their way through a different selection of pregnancy complaints. But it also helps to have some tried and true remedies at your (swollen) fingertips that will allow you to navigate around the majority of pregnancy grumbles.


Heartburn Pregnancy heartburn is caused by the increase in the hormones progresterone which relaxes the smooth muscle at the opening to the top of the stomach.

Braxton hicks

Braxton Hicks
Even as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy the u...


Pregnancy Anaemia
Anaemia in pregnancy is common, but if it does occ...


These are, effectively, varicose veins that occur ...


Frequent nosebleeds in pregnancy are caused by the...


Many women find that, as the skin of their abdomen stretches during pregnancy, it becomes very itchy.

Breasts sore

Sore Breasts
Throughout pregnancy, your breasts will have been responding to pregnancy hormones, in preparation for producing milk after the birth.  The main symptom of this will be an increase in the size of your breasts.  They may be quite sore at first and uncomfortable later on. 

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