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Pregnancy heartburn is caused by the increase in the hormones progresterone which relaxes the smooth muscle at the opening to the top of the stomach.

This can allow the reflux of some of the stomach contents up into the oseophagus and, because of the acidic nature of the stomach's contents, this causes the burning sensation typical of heartburn.

Pregnancy heartburn is also problematic towards the end of pregnancy, because the growing baby pushes upwards, compressing the space between the oesophagus and the stomach.

If you have the symptoms of heartburn try the following natural remedies:

  • Try taking smaller meals.
  • Sleep in a more upright position or lie in a semi-reclining position on your right side.
  • Avoid drinking tea, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine.
  • Try camomile or ginger tea - both of which have calming properties.

If you have persistent heartburn you can be prescribed antacids, but check with your doctor because they will prescribe something that is safe to take.  You should avoid antacids containing aluminium as this can cross the placenta and be absorbed by the baby.

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