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While this can be a symptom of lack of sleep, it can also be a sign of other problems with which you may need help and treatment, for example anaemia.

It may also be emotional in origin as well as physical: chronic tiredness with no apparent cause may be a result of depression. In early pregnancy (during the first three months), tiredness can be overwhelming for no apparent reason. It does pass, but you may have to reconcile yourself to early nights for a while.

Very often a symptom as intangible as tiredness, while being common is pregnancy, can be difficult to treat. Bear in mind that your body is accommodating both a new life and an enormous physical and emotional upheaval. Even though this is perfectly natural, the adjustments you are having to make are very demanding of your energy. It is very often on occasions like these that alternative therapies come into their own, not just because of their holistic approach in rebalancing the body and treating disorders but also in actively promoting positive health.

If persistent tiredness is spoiling your pregnancy, look for any specific reasons and treat those, but also look to alternative therapies like reflexology, shiatsu, homoeopathy, or acupuncture to supplement a positive programme of good nutrition, rest and gentle exercise. It is important not to allow yourself to become chronically tired before your baby is born, because you will need lots of energy for the birth and afterwards.

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