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Leg cramps in pregnancy can be extemely painful; why pregnant women are more susceptible to cramping isn't really known.  It may be linked to a number of factors, including a deficiency of calcium - so you could try increasing your intake of dairy products.  Other dietary deficiencies of pregnancy cramp may be Vitamin B, so you could increase your intake with the addition of wheatgerm.

If you are suddenly afflicted by leg cramps, straighten your leg and flex the foot towards you.  Massage the calf muscle firmly where you feel the cramping pain.  Night cramping might be reduced by raising your foot on a pillow at the end of your bed.

Regular gentle exercise throughout pregnancy may help circulation and help avoid cramps.  Walking, swimming and yoga are all good for leg cramps.  As your yoga teacher about special yoga poses that are good for stretching the calf muslces.

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