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Many women find that, as the skin of their abdomen stretches during pregnancy, it becomes very itchy.

The skin may also become dry and flaky. Other women are unfortunate enough to itch all over, especially at the end of pregnancy. Your doctor may suggest a course of anti-histamine tablets if it becomes so bad you can't sleep. Other things you can do to ease the itchiness include:


  • keep cool - this may be difficult if the weather is very hot, but try;
  • bathe in tepid (not hot) water;
  • wash with aqueous cream, or add essential oil of Camomile mixed up in some milk to (which will create an emulsion and diffuse the oil) to your bath water;
  • keep your skin, and especially that of your growing abdomen, supple with plenty of non-scented cream or lotion.

Be reassured that the itching will cease almost as soon as your baby is born, though if it is very severe and persistent, do mention it to your doctor or midwife.

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