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Preparing Premature Infants for School

As premmie babies grow into children, some may face a challenge starting education. The charity Bliss has a resource pack especially for this uncertain time.

Although many premature babies may have caught up with their contemporaries, in terms of early development, by the time they start school, those born particularly early are sometimes a concern.

For example, if a child was due in September or October but was born in July, she will take up her education in a school year 12 months ahead of the year she was originally destined for.

In addition to this, the physical aspects of being born prematurely can mean that some children at this young age are less capable of demanding changes such as spending a whole day at school, or they are not quite ready for the mental challenges of more formal learning.

As a result, some parents of children who were born prematurely do consider delaying or deferring their child’s entry into full time education.

Bliss, the charity devoted to research and support for those affected by premature birth, has produced some useful advice for parents wondering about what they should do as thoughts of school applications arise. The advice is available to download or in hard copy format by contacting the Bliss office, who will send it out free of charge.

Bliss, 9 Holyrood St, London
020 7378 1122

For more advice about all kinds of issues around premature birth, premature babies, and their care and development, go to www.bliss.org.uk. They also have a Family Support Helpline: Freephone 0500 618 140.

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