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When will my bump show?

For many women, there is a certain excitement about the first obvious sign of a pregnancy bump, but for others this is a time of feeling self-conscious, either because they are not feeling confident about how they will look when they are heavily pregnant, or because they are worried about announcing their pregnancy too early. So what is the average time around when a bump might start to be visibly noticeable?


BumpWhen will my bump start to show?

After several weeks of having little real evidence that you are pregnant – except for a positive test and possible morning sickness – the physical reality of pregnancy usually arrives at about 12 or 13 weeks.

By this time the uterus has grown to the point where it will begin to alter your shape. However this might for some weeks more only be something you notice – dresses that no longer fall properly over your waste, or trousers that don’t quite button together at the top.

By 18 weeks most women will be showing a bump of some kind. Of course the tell-tale bump might be less or more evident depending on many other things. If you have been pregnant before you may well show sooner than someone who hasn’t. If you have strong abdominal muscles – due to working out – then your tummy may remain tighter for longer.

Whether you are thinner or fatter can produce varied outcomes. Some women who are very thin may go through the whole pregnancy looking smaller than their due date would usually suggest, while others will look noticeably pregnant by 14 or 16 weeks. For some women who are bigger, being pregnant and cutting out things like alcohol or fatty foods might mean they actually lose weight in the first trimester, but if they have larger frame they may not be obviously pregnant until about 20 weeks.

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