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Mothercare, Reform jeans

Mothercare, Reform jeans review

RRP: £60.00
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Reform jeans provide fantastic design and comfort, allowing mothers-to-be to fit straight back into their fashionable designer jeans easily after the baby is born, simply by removing the cotton waistband, which comes in two designs – over bump and under bump.

With Reform jeans™, the wearer gets the designer jean look but not the price tag.


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  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
      Abi, Mother of 2, Oxfordshire
    5 Mar 2011 4:06pm
    Generally I'm not a big fan of skinny jeans, but I was pleasanly surprised by these! They are comfortable and the cut is flattering (and I'm a size 14!). The over bump waistband is very comfortable and doesn't keep slipping down as with some maternity clothes I have tried. They are a bit low cut and do tend to slip down a bit when bending or crouching, but if you are used to wearing low cut waistlines, this shouldn't be a problem for you. The waistband is removable for wearing post pregnancy - this is done by removing the stitching holding it in place (it is stitched in bright orange stitches so that you are not in danger of removing the wrong ones, causing the jeans to fall apart). This allows you to continue wearing them as a normal pair of jeans, slightly justifying the high price tag (however, the band can not be put back as easily, so if you were planning to hold onto these for another pregnancy you might want to think twice before removing it). Overall, a great pair of jeans, making you feel stylish and fashionable throughout your pregnancy.
  • Rating: 8.5 / 10
      chickywiggle, Mother of 1, South Yorkshire
    7 Feb 2011 11:30am
    Love these jeans. considering i outgrew all my 'normal' size 14s by 6 weeks pregnant it was lovely to wear denim again!! The bump band is really comfy (sometimes they are tooo baggy) but at 28 weeks it fits snugly. An added bonus that you can tuck it into the jeans once baby is born and you no longer need it (it doesn't appear to be 'removable' tho as the discription states). A high price tag but I think well worth it when you consider it is technically 2 pairs of jeans in 1.