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Finding out about local childminders A childminders, unlike a nanny, often cares for more than one child at a time, usually in her own home rather than at the home of the children she looks after. With a nanny you can be expected to pay employers tax and national insurance, but with a childminder you are usually hiring services for which she, as a self-employed person, must pay tax and NI herself.


Finding a local nursery
If you are going back to work and are looking for ...


Health in pregnancy grant
The Health in Pregnancy Grant is a one-off, tax-fr...


Telling the boss
You are not obliged to tell your employer than you...


Making a will
If you have already made a will, it is important t...


Returning to Work
If you take your full leave entitlement and the date you confirmed with your employer for returning has not changed, you do not need to give any further notice. However it is good practice to get in touch towards the last two months of your leave just to reconfirm your intention. If you decide you do not wish to return to work, your period of notice will be as stated in your regular contract (usually one or three months).


Maternity rights
The laws surrounding the rights of pregnant women and those on maternity leave have advanced significantly in the past few years. Where once a woman feared she would be sacked as soon as the boss found out she was expecting a baby, now strict laws protect her from such behaviour.

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