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Bottle Feeding

Specialised baby milk formulas

There are various special milks available for babies with medical conditions, such as cow’s milk allergy, lactose or other intolerances or reflux. These products are usually only prescribed in specific cases, and under medical supervision. 

Specialised Baby Milks

Amino-acid based hypoallergenic formulas

The proteins in these formulas have been “pre-digested”, for babies who are allergic to certain proteins in milk. Available brands are:

Hydrolysed whey formulas

These formulas are for babies who are allergic or intolerant to cow’s milk or soya proteins. Available brands:

Pre-thickened formulas

These formulas can help babies with reflux keep their milk down. Brands available are:

  • Enfamil AR
  • SMA Staydown

Lactose-free formulas

These formulas are for babies who are lactose intolerant. Available brands are:

You can buy some specialised milks at pharmacists, for example larger Boots shops stock all of the SMA varieties, including SMA Wysoy, Lactose Free and Staydown. Other types may need to be ordered for you, or will need a prescription from your baby’s doctor – talk to your pharmacist to find out more. Specialised milks can be more expensive than standard formula but you can get them on the NHS if your baby has been diagnosed with a problem. 

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