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Buggi Lights, Ladybird

Buggi Lights, Ladybird review
  • Buggi Lights, Ladybird review
  • Ladybird Buggi Lights
  • Ladybird Buggi Lights

RRP: £14.99

Shaped like ladybirds and extremely easy to fit, Buggi Lights are a fun, simple way to make sure your baby's buggy is seen and safe after dusk.

Each box contains two Buggi Lights. One has white LEDs to face forwards, the other has red LEDs to face backwards - just like a car. The lights are bright and easy to turn on, just press on the ladybird's back to take it through the three flash settings.

As well as being a safety device Buggi Lights have the added advantage of looking fun. Your kids will love having them on their buggies and they are suitable as scooter lights or bike lights for children over the age of three.



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  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
    15 Jan 2015 5:02pm

    The buggi lights were well loved by children of different ages. We used them on scooters, buggies and under the table den making games. The girls liked them best as they were shaped like ladybirds. They were easy for the little ones to switch on and off by themselves giving them a sense of self confidence in their own abilities also with the easy pull attachments. The rubber covers mean that they were still in excellent condition after a few drops on the floor both indoors and out.

    I think to have them on the buggy i would be looking at buying two sets so that you have lights on both sides but for scooters one set is perfect.


  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      Miss Moss
    19 Nov 2014 12:59pm
    We love our Buggi lights! They were very easy to attach to our pushchair, easy to switch on and easy to operate the three different settings (flashing, fast flashing, not flashing). We live in a rural village, up on a hill so it can be quite foggy and not very well lit when it is dark, these lights have been great for the walk to and from school as I feel safer in the knowledge that any passing cars are more likely to see us now that we have these buggy lights attached to out pushchair. Like wise if we are in a busy place it is easier for my eldest child to find us with these flashing lights and I would imagine they would be useful in carparks, crossing roads etc especially at this time of year when the hours of daylight are reduced. Overall we are very pleased and won't be taking them off.