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Nibbling, Victoria Teething Necklace

Nibbling, Victoria Teething Necklace review

RRP: £24.00
Length: 76cm
Material: BPA free, phthalate free silicone
Colours: black, red and navy

A brilliant teether as it's always within easy reach for baby, stops mum's favourite necklaces being pulled and stops baby from potentially hurting her gums on hard necklaces. Made from safe non toxic silicone, that's BPA and heavy metals free, which has a pull apart clasp, so it doesn't shatter or hurt mum if baby gets a little too rough pulling and chewing.

Elegant, and also tactile for baby, made from 50 soft round silicone beads, and is dishwasher safe, but can also be hand washed or steam cleaned. It is great as a teether, but also works equally well as a breastfeeding necklace, giving baby something to grasp onto whilst breastfeeding.


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  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
    13 Oct 2016 11:05am

    I tested the Nibbling Victoria teething necklace with my daughter which I attached to the pram so she could play with it, which I think is a good place to use it, however the safety clasp came undone very quickly and the necklace kept falling on the floor. I tried to wear it and again the safety clasp came undone as soon as she pulled it, although I think this may be because she is getting quite big now, and perhaps she is a little old to use it at 14 months, and perhaps if she was younger she wouldn't have the strength to pull it quite so hard.

    She seemed to like the design though, and it's quite soft and tactile so she would always play with it and chew on it.