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Toddler Toys: pint-sized home

Toys for boys and girls to enjoy ‘let’s pretend’ games for creative, imaginative play.


Imaginative play often begins with little children acting out the things they see adults do. By around two years they may even want to mimick these acts alongside you as a way of spending time with you when they can see you are busy.

Making lunch for teddies or sweeping up can mean a lot to your child. From chunky plastic kitchen gadgets to chic wooden recreations, it’s easier than ever for little ones to enjoy playing ‘let’s pretend’.

NOTE: Many sets state they are suitable for 3+ due to the small parts, but if you feel confident playing with these alongside your children before this age, that is your decision – just be mindful of smaller pieces and the dangers of choking.



ELC Holz Ikea

ELC Sizzlin’ Kitchen, £70, 3+

Early Learning Centre stock some beautiful wooden cooker and kitchen sets, but their plastic Sizzlin’ Kitchen is an enduring favourite – not least because the hob rings make cooking noises when the pots and pans are place on them. Loved by boys and girls alike (it comes in red and blue, or pink).


Holz Full Kitchen, £395, 3+

In alder wood, this is the ultimate luxury play kitchen, including two sets of drawers, an oven and hob, cutlery holder with three utensils, kitchen sink with removable bowl, tap and cupboard with shelf, kitchen rack, and washing machine with revolving drum. Holz also stock other kitchen essentials in smaller sets.


DUKTIG 10-piece coffee/ tea set, £7.99, 3+

In the IKEA Duktig range there is a wooden kitchen and other toy food selections, but this tough stoneware set is especially cool.






John Lewis Woolworths GLTC

John Lewis Toy Kettle, £10, 3+

John Lewis have a wide range of play-home sets and toys but this is particularly chic. Along with a matching toy toaster and food mixer (both also £10), this fab kettle has sounds and an on/off button.


Bosch workbench, £26, 3+

This sturdy recreation of a Bosch workbench comes with shelves, hooks, a screwdriver, hammer, spanner, vice, plyers, saw and much more.



Soft Picnic Set, £28, 3+

A pretty fabric picnic including chicken drumsticks, cake, watermelon, sandwich ingredients and even a little bottle with a stopper and some goblets!





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