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Buyer's guide to potties

From novelty potties that play a tune when your child tinkles, to basic handy models you can take anywhere, to decorative versions that your child will end up using as a storytime chair, potties come in all shapes and sizes. Here are few things to bear in mind when shopping for one.

Toddlers and young children relinquish their nappies at differing ages – some before their second birthday, others not until after their third. See Signs of when your child is ready to potty train. CAROLINE PLS ADD LINK WHEN LIVE

For a good overview, read How to start potty training.

Potties – what to look for

  • Potties don’t have to be expensive. A piece of moulded plastic that is deliberately simple to make it easy to wipe clean, the most basic potties should just be a bowl with a small back and a short raised curve at the front to avoid any unexpected sprinkling incidents from little boys! You can buy a basic model for less than £5.
  • Something pretty. Your child’s potty may well become a significant presence around your home for the next few months – as a chair for reading, a ‘car’ to put teddy in etc, as well as for the purpose it was created for. For around £10 to £15 you can choose a simple bowl decorated with a theme like a popular cartoon character.
  • A little ‘throne’. For less than £20 you can buy a potty that has a raised body and a higher back to make it more like a chair. This can work for children who are a little self-conscious about what they are doing – on a chair the act may feel more normal.
  • Novelty ‘rewards’. There are some charming musical potties which play a tune when your child uses them. These cost around £20 to £30. Try brands like Fisher-Price.
  • Travel options. Simple potties are easy to carry with you on days out, but there are fold-up versions that either sit on the top of an adult toilet seat or can be stand-alone potties if needed.


Potties to check out

Beco Potty, £7.99  A simple, small potty which will last as long as you want it, but unlike most plastic potties, this one will biodegrade (in your garden!) once you no longer need it in a year or two. www.becothings.com   Beco Potty

Potette PLUS, £14.99  This is a fold-away travel potty and trainer which comes with disposable bags to catch the results. It can be used stand-alone or on top of an adult loo seat. Available from Mothercare and Bibs and Stuff. www.potette.com

  Potette Plus

My Carry Potty, £24.99  This is a new potty designed by a British mother, currently being rolled out in the US. It comes designed as a sturdy, smoothly moulded plastic potty that can be folded up like a little carry case. It has a handy leak-proof lid so that you and your child don’t have to worry about unwanted odours or spills. www.mycarrypotty.co.uk

  My Carry Potty
Hoppop Donut Potty, £20  If you like to have nursery goods that look as funky and cool as the rest of your designer home then go for this. A simple, curvaceous, sleek and chic potty in vibrant colours like lime or fuscia. Available from stores like Mothercare. www.hoppop.eu   Hoppop

Pourty Potty, £9.99  Good for boys because it has a high splash guard, this potty is also designed so you can easily pour any contents down the loo. www.pourty.com

  Pourty Potty
Summer Infant Step by Step Potty Training System, £24.99  With a lid, a side attachment for toilet paper and a space for wipes, this is a complete loo experience. www.summerinfant.co.uk   Summer Infant

Tippitoes Soft Seat Trainer, Potty and Step Stool, £19.99  Sleek and simple, this is a useful set that all folds neatly into itself so you can take it with you wherever you need to go. www.tippitoes.com


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