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Musicart Easter Workshop

Musicart Easter Workshop

Musicart is run by professional designers and musicians offering primary age children the opportunity to have creative fun in this Art with Music Workshop. ... More

At e2 Young Engineers it is all about learning through play!

At e2 Young Engineers it is all about learning through play!

e2 Young Engineers offers series of classes, workshops and holiday camps in different programs allowing children to experience science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) concepts through the imaginative structure of LEGO©. ... More

15 minutes that could change your baby's life

15 minutes that could change your baby's life

Science and medicine are progressing so quickly that your unborn baby is likely to be part of the first generation to live beyond one hundred. The chances are that during their lifetime, they will need stem cells to stay healthy. These powerful cells cure disease, heal damage and could even be used to grow new organs. They are the future of medicine. ... More

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Spotting Sepsis
Sepsis as been in the news recently following the ...

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Product Review just in


 First impressions of the Baby nose-clear were really good. I was genuinely impressed with the presentation as it arrived in a lovely blue box, with saline solution and room vapour. The device itself i... More 

tulips, Wales

Reviews just in

 Getting professional photo's taken of our newborn baby daughter was our Christmas present to each other. After much research (and there are many photographers in London!) we came across Studio Deidre. ... More 


 Maria was recommended by a family member who used her for the newborn pictures of their son. We were so impressed with the results we booked as soon as we could. The photos we have now of our daughter ... More 


 Helen is amazing - she is not only great with the kids - always professional, yet never afraid to get into the weirdest position to ensure that she gets the best picture - but also ensures that the wh ... More 

Agnes G, Mother of 2, London

Health Clinic

Why you might not be able to breastfeed

Preventing and treating poisining with First Aid For Life

Postnatal exercise

Toddler Toys: pint-sized home

Encouraging your child's imagination

Comments just in

 We tried the 4+ pouches and my son loved them, couldn't get enough! I've not used pouches before and i found it so easy to use them, and my son loved watching me squirt the food onto the spoon. All ... More 

gemmatron, Mother of 1, Derbyshire

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