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Musicart Easter Workshop

Musicart Easter Workshop

Musicart is run by professional designers and musicians offering primary age children the opportunity to have creative fun in this Art with Music Workshop. ... More

At e2 Young Engineers it is all about learning through play!

At e2 Young Engineers it is all about learning through play!

e2 Young Engineers offers series of classes, workshops and holiday camps in different programs allowing children to experience science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) concepts through the imaginative structure of LEGO©. ... More

15 minutes that could change your baby's life

15 minutes that could change your baby's life

Science and medicine are progressing so quickly that your unborn baby is likely to be part of the first generation to live beyond one hundred. The chances are that during their lifetime, they will need stem cells to stay healthy. These powerful cells cure disease, heal damage and could even be used to grow new organs. They are the future of medicine. ... More

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Spotting Sepsis
Sepsis as been in the news recently following the ...

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Product Review just in


 I love the maybe baby ovulation tester- after 19months of ttc baby number 3, I've just found out I'm pregnant after using the product for the first month!!!! I'm thrilled, as soon as I began to see th... More 

Mrslamb1987, Mother of 2, West Yorkshire

Reviews just in

 This farm offers lots of interactive sections such as milking the cows, feeding the goats.  The spring sees feeding lambs and even the lambs being born. There are tractor rides, lots of rabbits, ... More 

shazaroo, Mother of 2

 The photos are completely stunning, Heather brings out the absolute best of the setting and the subjects with an amazing use of light and colour. Everyone who has seen the photos has asked for her det ... More 

Laura Pope, Mother of 2

 The Pram Centre- Oxford, I really wanted the Icandy Special Edition in Brown. I had seen it on the Icandy website and even though the store had not heard of the launch they were extreemly helpful and ... More 

laurajagreen, Mother of 1, Oxfordshire

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Comments just in

 I would really like to test these. :-) ... More 

Laylah's Mammy,mother of 1 , Durham

Marwell Zoo

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