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St John's Hospice Summer Fayre 2016

St John's Hospice Summer Fayre 2016

Our friends at St John's Hospice of St John's Wood are holding not one but two summer fayre's, taking place on 11th-12th June and 2nd-3rdJuly. Don't miss out on some great family fun, which this year includes a Peppa Pig meet and great, donkey rides, BBQ's and  funfair rides. ... More

15 minutes that could change your baby's life

15 minutes that could change your baby's life

Science and medicine are progressing so quickly that your unborn baby is likely to be part of the first generation to live beyond one hundred. The chances are that during their lifetime, they will need stem cells to stay healthy. These powerful cells cure disease, heal damage and could even be used to grow new organs. They are the future of medicine. ... More

Spotting Sepsis

Spotting Sepsis

Sepsis as been in the news recently following the enquiry into the extremely sad death of a young boy, when some tell tale signs of the illness was missed by GPs and the 111 Service. ... More

What to do when a child is choking

What to do when a child is choking

A recent story in the news about a young boy choking on a grape has highlighted the dangers of choking. It is something that tragically can happen to any one of any age, and it has highlighted the importance of us all knowing what to do in an emergency. ... More

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Greycoat Lumleys' Emergency nanny lifeline
Have you ever wondered what you would do if your n...



The Launch of My Chef - Chefs in Your Home from Greycoat Lumleys
The Launch of My Chef - Chefs in Your Home from Gr



New website offers support for parents of children with allergies
Having a baby or young child with a cow's milk all...



Club Petit Pierrot is 20 years young!
Club Petit Pierrot is celebrating it's 20th Annive...

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Product Review just in


 I had to top my baby up with expressed breast milk when he was newborn as he was not taking enough directly from the breast. I have the manual Avent breast pump which came with a couple of bottles, bu... More 

Abi, Mother of 2, Oxfordshire

Reviews just in

 The most helpful, family friendly staff in Parsons Green - they are on hand to help with sizes and entertain the little ones while you shop. They offer a wide range of clothes from the traditional ... More 

lillsmummy, Mother of 2, London

 When I visited Stork Talk I was greeted by friendly helpful staff who asked what type of pram/pushchair I was looking for they asked about what size and weight I was looking for and with all ... More 

racrae, Mother of 4, Derbyshire

 It is hard to put into words how amazing Carole's Baby Massage classes are. I went with my baby when she was 2 months old and each week we went into the sanctuary which Carole has created in her log ... More 

katherine, Mother of 1

Health Clinic

Morning Sickness

Buyers guide to nappy rash treatments




Comments just in

 Ooooo yes pretty please - trying to conceive so would be prefect for me right now xxx ... More 

giorgi, Mother of 1, Kent

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