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Toddler Clinic

The toddler years are fantastic. Your baby has transformed into a tottering, toddling bundle of energy.  You’ll notice their words becoming more defined and linking together to make coherent instructions. They’ll be rushing, running and probably falling and crashing as they refine their motor skills. And playtime takes on a whole new dimension with fantasy worlds and make-believe friends.

You’ll also have heard the expression “Terrible Twos” (and Terrible threes or fours for most) where your every suggestion will be challenged, demands will have to be met immedately for fear of instant meltdown, and your once “foodie” baby eyes your cottage pie suspiciously for signs of hidden vegetables. But it’s also a time for you to have fun together.  And through many day-to-day experiences you'll guide the development of their character, build their confidence, instill some social niceties and help them on their way to making friends.


Swimming Swimming is a great way to get your child physically active, and while some parents like to get their baby swimming early on, toddler splash sessions and more formal swimming lessons can be great fun.


Signs your child is ready to potty train
Tips on behaviour that signal a move from nappies.

Toddler Health

Tummy troubles dealing with them and avoiding them
Tummy upsets in small children are common

Toddler Health

After the series of vaccinations offered to babies...

First Aid

Burns - What to do
Burns can happen suddenly and the pain and damage ...


Encouraging adventurous toddler tastes
Small children can develop obsessive food habits – we all probably know a child who only eats jam sandwiches and bananas, but hopefully it’s not our own offspring! Luckily, after weaning many toddlers will try most foods unless they really are strong tasting.


Toddler drinks
A toddler who is beginning to explore his world more actively not only needs liquid for refreshment but also to contribute towards valuable nutrition. And at this age, milk should still be a big part of what your toddler is drinking.

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