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Baby Clinic

Whether you’re a new mum or you’ve just had your fourth baby, every parent can use some help when it comes to finding out the latest advice on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, colic, sleeping through the night, teething or weaning (just to mention a few)! 

There’s so much to think about, to worry about even, but helpful to know that many of these problems are being shared by hundreds of like-minded parents. So if you’re dreaming of sleep as you feed your newborn just one more time, and want to remind yourself that you are doing a brilliant job, tuck into this section to allay your fears and banish those anxieties.

First Aid

Preventing and treating poisining with First Aid For Life A poison is any substance (a solid, liquid, or a gas) which can cause damage if it enters the body in sufficient quantities. A poison can be swallowed, breathed in, absorbed through the skin or injected.


Baby Toys: books
With soft textured pages or bright lights and soot...


Daytime naps
For many parents, daytime naps are less of a press...

Baby Celebrations

Baby showers
Putting the pamper into pregnancy...

Bottle Feeding

Specialised baby milk formulas
There are various special milks available for babi...


Sitting up
Although in the first two months your baby will hardly move, you will be amazed how quickly body strength builds up.


Expressing breast milk for bottle feeding
Expressing breastmilk has many benefits. If you want to continue with breastmilk through the first six months or a year, expressing enables you to keep this up without having to be on hand for your baby 24/7.

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