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Baby Clinic

Whether you’re a new mum or you’ve just had your fourth baby, every parent can use some help when it comes to finding out the latest advice on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, colic, sleeping through the night, teething or weaning (just to mention a few)! 

There’s so much to think about, to worry about even, but helpful to know that many of these problems are being shared by hundreds of like-minded parents. So if you’re dreaming of sleep as you feed your newborn just one more time, and want to remind yourself that you are doing a brilliant job, tuck into this section to allay your fears and banish those anxieties.

Bottle Feeding

Baby milk: mixing bottle and breast It is possible to combine the two feeding regimes of breast and bottle if you need to.

Baby Care

How to soothe a crying baby
Although your new baby’s crying may seem lou...

First Aid

Head Injuries - what to do and what to look out for
Emma Hammett of First Aid for Life explains how to


How to sleep train
Once your baby is past the "endless slumber&q...


New baby sleep patterns
In the first few weeks a new baby has no concept of daytime or nighttime. Sleep patterns are disrupted by other new habits like the need to feed.


Breastfeeding Guide: getting started
Breastfeeding is a great start for you and your baby. Nutritionally it is the natural balance your baby needs in the earliest month of life, it also contains antibodies that will help strengthen his immune system.

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