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Pregnancy Clinic

Did your pregnancy dreams include visions of a neat rounded belly, and little kicks that made your heart flutter? While it's true that pregnancy has its share of wonderful moments and experiences to cherish, it also has a raft of less than fabulous pregnancy symptoms - including many you'd rather not discuss in public and many you'd probably like to forget (which you will, by the way, since forgetfulness is another  symptom).

There are pregnancy symptoms you expected (like morning sickness – which also arrives in the evening) and symptoms you almost definitely didn't (like constipation, nosebleeds and bleeding gums).  It's probably reassuring to know that you're not alone suffering these ailments - you're actually joining millions of other expectant women who are also wading their way through a different selection of pregnancy complaints.  But it also helps to have some tried and true remedies at your (swollen) fingertips that will allow you to navigate around the majority of pregnancy grumbles.

Planning to get pregnant

Fertility: should I change my diet? No one thing can guarantee successful conception, but making changes to what you eat could help.


Maternity rights
The laws surrounding the rights of pregnant women ...

Parties & Celebrations

Announcing the birth
When you have given birth you can’t wait to ...


When is good to travel during pregnancy?
If you are planning to travel overseas when you ar...

Pregnancy Health

Having sex during pregnancy
Unless there is an overriding medical concern when...

Parties & Celebrations

Who hosts a baby shower?
The person who hosts your baby shower is usually either a close female relative or a female friend. Of course you can break out of this tradition but generally it’s a chance to banish the men and let the women to all get together to share a few insights and home truths about pregnancy and raising children.

Professional care

Choosing an independent midwife
In most cases, a midwife will guide a woman through almost all of her pregnancy, birth and early days as a new mother. Once a GP has confirmed a woman is pregnant and it has been agreed where she plans to give birth, she is referred to a team of midwives who usually work at and in partnership with one particular hospital or clinic. From early urine and blood tests to the regular routine check-ups later in pregnancy, the midwife usually oversees the health and wellbeing of the mother-to-be and her baby.

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