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Did your pregnancy dreams include visions of a neat rounded belly, and little kicks that made your heart flutter? While it's true that pregnancy has its share of wonderful moments and experiences to cherish, it also has a raft of less than fabulous pregnancy symptoms - including many you'd rather not discuss in public and many you'd probably like to forget (which you will, by the way, since forgetfulness is another  symptom).

There are pregnancy symptoms you expected (like morning sickness – which also arrives in the evening) and symptoms you almost definitely didn't (like constipation, nosebleeds and bleeding gums).  It's probably reassuring to know that you're not alone suffering these ailments - you're actually joining millions of other expectant women who are also wading their way through a different selection of pregnancy complaints.  But it also helps to have some tried and true remedies at your (swollen) fingertips that will allow you to navigate around the majority of pregnancy grumbles.

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Cord Blood Collection Cord blood is the most stem cells dense and least invasive source of stem cells from the human body. The stem cells in cord blood can be used in the treatment of over 80 serious illnesses including blood cancers, solid tumours, metabolic conditions, and blood disorders


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Overseas travel during pregnancy
Although you might not intend to go on the most adventurous holiday when you are expecting a baby, you might need to travel abroad for work, to honour commitments made before you knew you were pregnant, or to see family before the baby arrives. Here are a few tips to bear in mind.

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Packing your hospital bag
Many women pack their bag weeks in advance, then it sits in hall as the big day gets closer and closer. Others leave it to the last minute, though there does seem to be something in our nesting instinct which means even the least organised woman will get a bag packed at least a week before her due date. But what are the essentials when you don’t know if your stay will be a few hours or a couple of days?

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