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5 things that make a great baby shower Remember Rachel’s baby shower in Friends? Naturally it was held at home, in the flat she shared with Monica, with an array of smug mummies on the invitation list. Poor Rachel was so fazed by such alarming gifts as a nappy disposal system and a breast pump that she couldn’t bear to open any more presents. She suddenly realised how little she knew about becoming a new mother.


Planning a baby shower
Just like weddings, baby showers can be a major pr...


Baby showers second time around
Just because you might already have one or two chi...


Special first outfits for baby
In the excitement of the moment, your newborn baby...


Announcing the birth
When you have given birth you can’t wait to ...


Who hosts a baby shower?
The person who hosts your baby shower is usually either a close female relative or a female friend. Of course you can break out of this tradition but generally it’s a chance to banish the men and let the women to all get together to share a few insights and home truths about pregnancy and raising children.

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