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Postnatal exercise

Celebrity mothers who show off their miraculous weight loss and perfect bodies within weeks of their babies being born send out the wrong message to many mums.

It takes nine months to make your baby and for most women it’ll be at least nine months to get back on track doing the right exercises - not the abdominal crunches and running that many celebrities and their trainers talk about.

Even if you were fit before and during your pregnancy you can’t just ping back to your pre-pregnancy shape or go back to your old fitness regime. Your body needs time to heal and the wrong kind of exercise can cause even more damage.

There is also a fair amount of date distortion and air-brushing with post-natal photographs and if you diet and pursue a rigorous training schedule you’ll produce none of that vitally important breastmilk.

But where do you go to ensure that you'll get the correct advice?  Look out locally for details of local postnatal exercise instructors, personal trainer, or a mum and buggy class.  These classes are a great opportunity to take some fresh air with your baby at the same time as getting your body back in shape.

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