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Stress-free flying with babies and toddlers

  • If you are flying with a small baby let your airline know in advance – many will provide a bassinet. Many airlines allow you to check in online the day before – you are more likely to be able to choose your seats if you do this and it will also save time at the airport.
  • Check with your airline about baggage allowances and if you can take a car seat and/or buggy to the plane. Request that you have your buggy back at the plane door otherwise it may only turn up on the carousel. 
  • You can also order your nappies and other essentials to be at your hotel on arrival.  Go to www.tinytotsaway.com.
  • You may have to taste baby milk and baby food at customs. Take an insulated bag to store opened cartons or jars in afterwards. Take twice as many nappies as you think you need – flying does strange things to babies’ tummies!
  • Encourage your child to suck a dummy or bottle (or breastfeed) for take-off and landing – it will help their ears.
  • Consider sitting separately from your partner so you can take turns looking after the children and each get a little peace.
  • Take snacks – airline food is not usually child-friendly and is expensive on flights where it is not complimentary.
  • Colouring books and sticker books can be good entertainment for flights or these Yes! Superbaby toys which keep everything attached. Don’t take anything with pieces which can get lost – scrabbling around on a plane floor is not fun.
  • Try to fly at a time when the plane might not be full – an extra seat can make all the difference.

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