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Am I Pregnant?

10 signs of pregnancy

Many women who have been trying for a baby for a few months find it utterly disappointing when, after a few days of imagined pregnancy symptoms, their monthly period arrives. For different women the first signs will vary, but here are some of the most common signs of pregnancy.

1. Your period is late. Things like weight loss and stress can also cause your period to be delayed, but if you know your cycle is regular, this may well be a good sign that you are pregnant.

2. You feel incredibly tired. In the earliest weeks of pregnancy you might notice that you want to take afternoon naps when you have never done so before.

3. You react differently to drink. Those women who are not planning for pregnancy might notice that a night out feels different – just half a glass of wine can make them feel ill or cause heartburn.

4. Nausea. Morning sickness doesn’t only happen in the morning, but if you haven’t eaten for some hours it can come on worse, hence its name.

5. Lack of appetite. As well as or instead of morning sickness, you might just notice that strong-smelling food simply does not appeal to you.

6. Sore breasts. You might notice your breasts feel lumpy, that your nipples feel uncomfortable and ‘icy’, or that your breasts feel sore generally. Of course this can also be a sign that your period is on its way.

7. Abdominal pain. Twinges rather like period pain can be an early sign as embryo is implanted.

8. Spotting. Mild bleeding can also be a sign that the embryo is implanted.

9. Loo breaks. You might notice that you need to urinate more often.

10. Positive pregnancy test. For women who have been trying to conceive, they may well take a pregnancy test before they notice any of the signs above. Tests are becoming increasingly efficient at detecting extremely low levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone the body releases once you become pregnant). In the past it was recommended that you wait for a week after your missed period, as this would allow the levels of hCG to have built up, but now a test like First Response can be used up to six days before your next period is due.

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