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Problems getting pregnant

How long will it take to get pregnant

Whilst you might know stories about a friend who got pregnant when she was still taking the pill, and such things do happen, but for most people, getting pregnant is not a first-night lucky event!

How long does it take to conceive?

Generally men and women are at their most fertile when in their mid-20s. However there is no reason why couples older or younger would necessarily suffer any particular delay when trying for a baby.

On average, a couple who have no particular sexual health problems and who are having regular unprotected sex can expect to get pregnant along the following lines:

25% will get pregnant within one month of trying

60% will get pregnant within six months of trying

75% will get pregnant within nine months of trying

80% will get pregnant within 12 months of trying

90% will get pregnant within 18 months of trying

Depending on your age and any known conditions which could cause ‘subfertility’ or ‘infertility’ your GP may suggest that you do not need to begin to investigate why you have not been able to conceive until you have been trying regularly for 24 months. However, if you are over 30 years old, you might want to talk through any potential problem with your GP after 12 months of trying.

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