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Growing up

What is Montessori education?

Most people have heard of Montessori and understand that it’s about nursery education, but very few would be able to identify what makes it so great for learning.

 But when Tana Ramsay, wife of Gordon, got involved in a new DVD promoting Montessori education everyone sat up and took note.

Tana originally studied for her Montessori Early Childhood Qualification at St Nicholas Training College in London, and for some years worked as a Montessori teacher in a nursery in Chiswick.  All of her four children have been Montessori educated – so she’s a natural enthusiast.

“My own family has benefited massively from Montessori and I want to raise awareness of what I consider to be the most encouraging and nurturing form of education there is.”

Montessori basics

She identifies with the strong physical dimension to many Montessori activities, encouraging balance, dexterity and good awareness of shape, colour and size.  Discipline, in particular self-discipline, is central to the Montessori approach.  Children are generally more self-assured and will focus on tasks until completed.

There are over 600 Montessori schools in the UK and many mums, like Tana, are opting for teacher training to coincide with a change of career and looking after their own children.   


Identifying a good montessori

But how would you be able to identify a good Montessori environment especially as the settings can be varied, from purpose built nurseries to church halls?

  •  Well ma de learning materials set out within reach of the children and in clearly defined areas.
  •  Calm, confident, happy children.
  •  General atmosphere of fun.

 And since the Montessori name is not regulated be aware that establishments may be using the name but not applying all the principles.

Visit www.montessori.org.uk for more information.


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