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Toddler Clinic


Signs your child is ready to potty train Tips on behaviour that might suggest your child is ready for life without nappies.


Potty training setbacks
Overcoming problems when leaving behind nappies.


Toddler Toys: pint-sized home
Imaginative play often begins with little children


Toddler Toys: vehicles
Encourage imaginative play with the wide range of


Babies and books
It’s never too early to stimulate a love of ...


How to start potty training
Some people like to encourage potty or toilet training from an early age. You will need to gauge your own child’s readiness, but whenever you do it, make sure you and your partner or any carer are all set to begin training at the same time.     


Encouraging first words
There is no reason why you can’t start encouraging your child’s communication and ‘talking’ when she is a baby.  But as your child makes the transition between being a baby and a toddler, early words begin to form.

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