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Settling your child at nursery

If your child has never been away from you before, or has never been in a group setting, you will need to prepare him or her.

Prepare your child

Buying a book about starting nursery to read and talk about together is a good place to start. Mum of two Emma Garratt said: “Leading up to Chloe starting nursery I kept going over all the fun activities she would be able to do and talking about how lovely it would be for her to make new friends. I explained how I would have to leave her there but that the teachers would look after her and that I would collect her after story and song time each day. I went over this daily so it sunk in and she really looked forward to going. The first few days she was clingy when I was leaving but she soon settled in and made friends. It was lovely collecting her and her being so excited to see me and her little brother and bringing out her masterpieces to add to the collection in the kitchen.”

Settling your child at nursery

  • Resist the temptation to buy your child a new outfit – dress them in something they are familiar and comfortable with.
  • It’s fine to stay for ten minutes (if the nursery allows – not all do) on the first few days to settle your child but don’t stay too long.
  • Tell your child when you are going – don’t try to sneak away. Give him or her a kiss and cuddle and then leave quickly, even if they are upset.
  • It’s fine to cry (and you will!) – as long as you are outside and your child can’t see you.
  • If you are worried give the nursery a call half an hour later to check your child has settled.
  • If they are not settled don’t rush back – some children will take a few days to acclimatise.
  • Arrive a little early for pick-up on the first few days so your child doesn’t feel anxious you are not going to come.
  • Remember that many children start nursery with no problems at all. Mum of two Adele Peat added: “As soon as we walked through the door Amelia went to play with the other children, in fact we had trouble getting her to come home with us! We didn’t bother even visiting any others.”
  • Dry your tears and enjoy a couple of hours to yourself – it will be pick-up time before you know it.


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