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My Carry Potty

Potty Training do's and dont's from the mum behind My Carry Potty, Amanda Jenner.

People have a lot of opinions when it comes to when you should potty train your child but there comes a time when nappies will no longer do. You must hitch up your sleeves, invest heavily in washing powder and introduce your child to their new best friend, the potty. Creator of the My Carry Potty, Amanda Jenner, who has potty trained three of her own children, has a few tips to help parents and children as they embark on the milestone hurdle that is potty training. 

Tune in

Once you decide to start potty training it’s a good idea to tune into your toddler’s toilet habits beforehand and assess they’re day-to-day routine. Break a few etiquette rules and make the toilet the main topic of discussion for a while or let them see others using the toilet. 

Reward the triumphs

Although you may feel frustrated by little accidents that will occur from time to time, make potty training a pleasant experience and seek to keep potty spirits high. Amanda recommends that you celebrate when your child manages to use the potty and during those long waits for your little one to make good on the potty, why not have a sing song or just a general chit chat to make it more pleasant experience? Reward kids often with charts and little treats that encourage them to be proud and tell granddad or aunties and anyone who will listen when they have managed to use their potty. 

Be brave

Resist the urge to lock your child and yourself in the house until they are potty trained and venture out with the confidence to handle the awkward request to use the toilet, such as queuing in the supermarket. The My Carry Potty will help with this as it can be taken out and about and a trip to the public toilets is quick and painless. It’s lightweight so children can carry it for themselves and it has a vacuum seal, which means no leaking or odors and accidents are easy to dispose of discreetly wherever convenient. 
There’s no easy way to potty train, but with a few milestones in an infant’s life it requires planning, perseverance and a few mistakes along the way. 
My Carry Potty comes in yellow, multi coloured, pink and blue and is priced at £24.99.  www.mycarrypotty.co.uk

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