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Maxi-Cosi, FeroFix

Maxi-Cosi, FeroFix review

RRP: £175.00
Age : 3.5 years-12 years
Weight: 15-36kgs
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As your child gets older, the arguments of, ‘Do I really still need a car seat?’ will become more frequent. The FeroFix, with its sporty design and excellent support for your child (even when he or she has fallen asleep on long, ‘booor-ing’ drives) should put paid to those disputes.

Other details which encouraged our judges to deem it ‘practically perfect’ include the patented AirProtect side impact protection in the headrest, as well as side impact protection for the lower back and hips. The FeroFix also has easily adjustable recline action which allows you to fit it suited to whatever angle your car seats are set at. All this, plus easy to thread seat belt routing and easy glide action when you want to make a quick getaway.

What the Media Says...

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"We recently started using this particular car seat for my son. We have previously always bought Britax car seats so were very pleasantly suprised by this model. My son has found it very comfortable to use and he is able to get the seat belt secured easily. The car seat was easy to fix into the car with the isofix system and once in was very secure. We have the total black model which looks very modern and the material is hard wearing which is always an added bonus!
I was particularly impressed with the head protection of this seat as it seems much more 'fitted' to the child's head that other models on the market.
Overall we are most impressed with this car seat, it seems to tick all the boxes that both child and parent expect and deserve from a high quality car seat.

Halfords 5 stars


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