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BumGenius, One Size V4

BumGenius, One Size V4 review
  • BumGenius, One Size V4 review
  • Bum Genius
  • Bum Genius

RRP: £14.75
Age range: Birth to potty
Size: One Size
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The bumGenius One Size Nappy V4 has been created for families looking to combine the convenience of a birth to potty system with a competitive price point, high quality performance, adorable looks and standout green credentials. It is an ideal buy for families with more than one child in nappies as it saves having to carry, sort and store different size nappies.

Included with each nappy aretwo free reusable inserts – a regular insert and a newborn insert.  The newborn insert can be used as an overnight booster once baby outgrows it.

Effective performance: An ultra soft sueded fast dry liner with six layers of absorbency means baby stays blissfully dry for hours while a patented covered pocket opening keeps any wet completely away from baby’s delicate skin. 

Flexiblity: Parents can opt to slip additional inserts into the pockets for flexible absorbency – perfect for fail safe protection overnight or on long journeys.

Simple fit:  Simple snap to fit poppers ensure the snuggest fit and make the bumGenius One Size as easy to use as any disposable.

Comfort: Baby’s comfort has been made the top priority with this gorgeous nappy. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic, both generously covered in bumGenius’ ultra soft cotton fabric guarantee to keep yuk and red marks away!

Easy care: With this nappy parents can wave goodbye to faff! The ultra soft microfleece used in the stay dry layer has been carefully chosen for its antibacterial and stain resistant properties so there’s no soaking required. The One Size nappy is simply chucked in the washing machine (without even needing to take out the insert first) – something guaranteed to make parents smile! It can also withstand tumble drying although it’s renowned for its quick drying times and for staying super soft without tumbling. 


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  • Rating: 9.5 / 10
      kristensmy, Mother of 2, London
    30 Sep 2010 11:07am

    When I first saw the V4's I really liked them. The nappies felt soft and even looked easy to use!  My husband wasn't scared off by these nappies. Not that the ones we have are hard to use but the Bumgenius nappies are basically fool proof. They come in nice colours which choice of velcro OR snaps!

    I know the V4's have a flap so you can replace the elastic if you want to. I personally think that I would rather buy a new replacement nappy for one that losses it's stretch as it looks like a long and fiddly process.  I wouldn't say that they are hard to put together but you do have to make sure that the stuff-able liner that you put into the nappies is flat. It's more of a comfort issue for baby than anything else.

    I have tried these nappies on my 22 month old daughter AND my 1 month old daughter too. They were amazing on both of them. There are snaps in the front to make it from newborn size to toddler within seconds. I find they are a little bulky for a newborn but they didn't leak easily. My older daughter was happy in them too. She is very active, as most 22 month olds are, but these nappies stayed in place and didn't rub between her legs.

    I also noticed that the nappies take the wetness right away from baby so they aren't very likely to get nappy rash. I have definitely been recommended these nappies by friends and am happy to recommend the V4's to my friends too!

    These nappies are a bit on the more expensive side BUT they are good from birth to potty. No wraps needed. No small, medium, large sizes. I comes with the night time insert. For something that will be used everyday for at least 2 years you'd be making a good investment. I am planning on replacing my older reusable nappies with the Bumgenius

  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      andrewm, Father of 1, Cheshire
    29 Sep 2010 3:49pm

    We've bought a couple of these Bum Genius nappies after a reccomendation - and they are worth it! We started out with two and want to build our collection up, because they really do what they say on the tin.. They are really easy to use and clean and  I really think we are doing our bit to save the world because we dramatically cut down on the use of disposables - especially as these bum genius ones dry over night so can be used everyday!

  • Rating: 7.0 / 10
      Maman Natta, London
    28 Sep 2010 3:53pm

    First Impressions
    I was absolutely delighted to receive my samples in the post and ready to do good for the environment and my baby's bottom.  I was however very intimidated by the thought of washing them and looked on the Internet for more support and guidance on this.  My extra worries included: Whats does one do with the solids? Is this ok for my washing machine? 

    Effective against leaks  5

    Comfortable for baby   5

    Ease to change           3.5-4

    Baby is happy to crawl in them, indeed learned how to crawl in them. Nappies didnt look loose and I love that they grow with him. (I also liked the plain design; nice materials).

    Last Impressions
    However, I was doubtful about my ability to use them pre trial and I remain doubtful.  I just dont have the patience to use these nappies when disposable are so very slap bang thank you mam -a. I am also not organised to separate for washing and do extra cycles etc ... Also I sometimes (not always) used extra linings because I felt uneasy about big loads of cacci straight on the material although I dont think this is recommended). Also, there are some disposable nappies that seem to have made efforts to be environmentally friendly.  Although I can see how using these would save a mini fortune (in nappy pound terms).  

    I think I will predominantly stick to the disposables but try and integrate these from time to time too.  The good news is I need never run out of a nappy.  I think the suitability of these nappies very much boils down to the person (i.e. mother) and not the product.

  • Rating: 8.5 / 10
      mimi19, Mother of 2, Tyne & Wear
    28 Jun 2010 3:52pm

    i bought a few brands of cloth nappies as there is such a choice out there now and prices do really vary so i opted for a mixture of brands and prices out of all the ones i used i think the popngrow and bumgenius came top they where priced around £11-£14.00 purchased off the internet and they where both quick and easy to use and mess free they both dried very easily and pretty quickly the colour and pattern choice was great and the popngrow ones adjust with the childs growth which saved money in the long run, i think just from using cloth nappies your saving so much money and helping save the environment.