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Baby Safe Homes: How to can make your home safe for your baby

A parent’s worst nightmare is for their baby or child to have an accident. Whether you are a first time parent or not, children find ways to play with things that are dangerous, and a home is somewhere that has a multitude of dangers that can be found and fixed.

Not all the changes you will make around your home require power tools or professionals. These changes can be made before your baby becomes active and walking, so you are well ahead of any possible accidents that could happen.

Here is a checklist for things parents can check around the home, to see if they are putting their children in danger.

  • Doors
    Babies crawl through doors that are left ajar or that don’t shut properly, entering rooms where there are possible dangers. So giving doors in your home safety latches that are only accessible to adults is a great solution.

  • Windows
    Babies and toddlers love to crawl and climb on anything, so it is important that furniture is not situated near windows, and the curtains or blind cords are not hanging down to cause a choking hazard.

  • Toilets
    Curious young children can climb inside the toilet bowl easily; so buying a toilet lid lock will ensure your child doesn’t try to.
  • Electrical cords/outlets
    Infants can pull at electrical cords and there is a chance of electrocution if the baby puts it in their mouth. Cord bundlers are a good way of keeping cords together and away from your child.There are also safety devices that you can buy that cover electric outlets to prevent injuries from electrocution.

  • Stoves/Ovens/Kitchen appliances
    Dishwashers and washing machines are tempting places your baby or toddler explore. However locking latches will ensure that no matter how hard your little one tries, the doors won’t budge.

  • Plants and Flowers
    Plants and flowers can easily be eaten by babies, so try and keep them at a suitable height away from your child. Also beware of poisonous flowers in your garden or local park.

  • Furniture
    Coffee tables and bookcases have hard pointy edges, which are a common danger for toddlers to run into. Buying a table cushion is great because it fits on any table, and protects your child and your sins.

  • Television
    Televisions and computers pose a risk because young children may pull or climb on them causing serious injuries. Anchors and straps enable televisions and other heavy pieces of furniture to stay on the floor or on the wall safely.

  • Ornaments
    Decorative ornaments and vases can easily be broken and potentially cut your child, again leave them where they are out of reach, or remove them from your child’s play area altogether.

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
    These are a must for every household, and being aware that there is a gas leak or fire is essential for the safety of you and your child. Check these devices monthly to ensure they still work.

Of all the tips that have been offered the most important for parents is to be aware and diligent of their child, knowing what they are doing and where they are at all times.

Baby Safe Homes offers an easy service to help create a safe environment for your baby or toddler. They check for the smallest things, like possible choking hazards or loose fittings, to the bigger jobs like installing a stair gate. They provide a survey of the home and consultation, for a fee from £25. After a list of requirements for your home have been made an installation can be made that day, with prices subject to what specifically needs to be done around the home.                                        

For more information or a consultation call 0207 559 1491 or visit www.babysafehomes.co.uk


Baby Safe Homes

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