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Close Parent, Carrier Charcoal

Close Parent, Carrier Charcoal review

RRP: £58.75
Suitable for age: 2.27 kg to 14.55 kg
Made from: 100% organic cotton
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This carrier fits ladies size 8 to 20, on average. It is easy to use, there aren’t buckles or clips, you just have to put it on over your head. Five different positions let you adapt how you hold your baby depending on your preference or on the age of the baby. You can adjust the sling thanks to a simple ring mechanism as your baby grows and still hold him snugly and securely. It includes wide, soft straps which sit over both shoulders to distribute the baby's weight for supremely comfortable carrying. It is machine washable.

What the Media Says...

 Bought this last week for my 3 week old baby, and already baby and I can't do without it. It really isn't complicated to work out and the results in terms of freedom of movement and contented baby are so worth it - we had a lovely weekend enjoying the weather out walking with dogs and hubby. Can't put a price on a weekend like that...would say this product is a must for all new mums!!! 

mothercare.com 5/5

 This is so easy to use I didnt even need to watch the dvd fist. it is so comfortable for baby and it didnt make my back ache at all, I would definitely recommend it 

kiddicare.com 5/5


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