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Nursery - Nasal Aspirators

NoseFrida, Nasal Aspirator

NoseFrida, Nasal Aspirator review

RRP: £9.99
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Young children cannot blow their noses and this disturbs their sleep, how they eat and their general well-being. The NoseFrida nasal aspirator is an effective way of reducing congestion in children aged 0-3.

NoseFrida has been developed and produced by an ear, nose and throat doctor and meets all the demands for safety and hygiene both for the child and the user.

Recommended by pediatricians and B.V.C. (Swedish Child Care Centres).


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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      brightlights, Mother of 3, Staffordshire
    21 Feb 2011 8:39pm
    Well this was weird to use to say the least ! At first my little one was OK with it but after a couple of times when he realised what it was he started playing up even when he saw it. He didn't like being held during use (he wasn't old enough to understand that he needed to lie still), I was keen on putting the one end up his nose either. I was worried that if he make a jerky movement it would go up too far or maybe make his nose bleed. I was also unsure as to how hard to suck ! I felt very unsure using it and wasn't keen on the sponge bit, it may stop the gucke but what about the germs..... Not a product for me, sorry. I'd rather use nasal drops on their own.
  • Rating: 5.0 / 10
      kelandwato, Mother of 1, Teeside
    3 Dec 2010 12:23pm
    not sure on this I have never used these sort of things before the baby wondered what on earth I was doing and looked at me as if I was mental!! He did humour me though for a while but didn't like the things stuck up his nose. It did seem to clear his nose for a while and stopped it runniong for a while but in fairness I didn't like putting it up his nose for fear of hurting him when he wriggles I don't think I would use it again but preferred the battery operated one it felt cleaner to use
  • Rating: 7.5 / 10
      4, East Sussex
    2 Dec 2010 11:29pm
    The NoseFrida aspirator is basically a long tube that has a shaped end to hold beside your baby's nostril, a mouthpiece at the other end that you use to suck, and a "hygiene filter" in the middle to catch all the yuck. It does keep the goo away from the parent end, though I don't think that a bit of sponge foam will stop viruses..? That said, it's an effective piece of kit for quickly and easily de-snotting your baby. It strips apart for cleaning easily and it's certainly gentle, perhaps too gentle for getting everything out. On the downside, the short length of tube (approx 18" tip to tip) restricts where you carry out the procedure. Finally, it's also perfect for rescuing the stray rice krispies that my toddler likes to put up her nose.