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A Real Cool World, The FlexiBath

A Real Cool World, The FlexiBath review

RRP: £29.95
Length: 66.5
Width: 38.9
Height: 23.8
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The only hard plastic baby bath which folds away flat with a simple touch of your hand.

After a leisurely bath, just fold the Flexi bath together and stow it away.

Baby bathtime made easier.


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  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      SarahB, Mother of 2, Hampshire
    11 Feb 2011 7:03pm
    My 18-month old boy is currently scared of the 'big bath' and hence we tried the Flexi Bath this week thinking that as it was smaller he would be less frightened. It wasn't so scary for him so a success on that side of things! Plenty big enough for him and with lots of room to grow. Width and length is ample. Loved the clip that keeps it all nicely tucked away for storage either under the cot or in the drawer/wardrobe. Strong bath, no fear of leaking. Thinking of bathing him in the bedroom next bath-time to see if he's less scared watching Waybuloo! Overall thought the Flexi-Bath was great but perhaps a little too costly? Perfect for travelling.
  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      cherish, North Yorkshire
    14 Dec 2010 10:42pm
    I loved this product. It folds almost flat, so is a great spacesaver. It also has a convenient clip to keep it folded. It is small enough to take on holiday, and sturdy enough to cope with my active 15 month old. Suitable for 0-4years. My son loved it too. He enjoyed pointing to the stripes on the folds, and the lovely star-shaped plug - which he tried to replace when we were saying goodbye to the water! The design gave a lot more room for his bath toys too. Only negative was that products other than water,soap and shampoo were not recommended, as they might weaken the bath. Shame as I love using aromatherapy oils in his bath.
  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      jessmarshy, West Yorkshire
    14 Dec 2010 12:43am
    i loved this bath it is a very good thing to have as it save you space my 4month old son loves it. it is a good thing to take away with you on holiday coz it fold up. my son very loved been in it he didn`t want to get out off it.
  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      frios, Mother of 1, Devon
    13 Dec 2010 10:46pm
    I loved this bath. It's ideal for space storage and for water saving. My 2 and a half year old bathed fairly easily in it although I don't see how a 4 year old could fit into it!!! It's very simple to put up and take down again an easily folds down to fit into a cupboard or behind the bathroom sink, like ours. I have yet to use it with our newborn (who is due any day now) but will update once I have. My daughter likes her bath as deep as possible and even in the flexibath it was possible although they don't reccomend tha you fill it more than two thirds, it's still plently deep enough. It'll be great for taking away on holiday and we are planning on using it as our main bab bath when the new addition arrives. So I don't think that the RRP of £29.95 is unreasonable as it'll save me more than that in a month in hot water!!!!
  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
      emma7, Mother of 1, North East Scotland
    11 Dec 2010 10:52pm
    This bath is easy to use, extremely portable and light. I liked the lock clip to hold in folded position preventing bath popping open when not in use. Picture on packaging shows two children in bath but i think that this would be a struggle as not that big but had plenty of room for my 15 month old who took to it like a duck to water! Recommends filling no more than 2/3 full although is quite deep and 1/2 way is probably more than enough. Flexibath was sturdy when in use and sides gave support and stayed strong when my little one was playing and splashing about. Easy to fill and empty. Only criticism would be that I felt my little one seemed to slip at times so as always in the bath observations is really important. All in all a good product which would be ideal for travel/visiting or for families with little space for baby bath.
  • Rating: 7.5 / 10
      brunettegirl, Yorkshire
    8 Dec 2010 2:10pm
    My child was a little unsure to start with but he liked the fact he could sit up and have his arms over the sides, which seemed to steady him and keep him upright - such a poser! It was easy to wash him and we used it just like any ordinary bath - very good. My biggest complaint was that it wasn't long enough. My son is 7 months old and 71cm in length it wasn't possible for him to lay down and the bath is from 0 - 4 years?! He likes to lay down and splish splash to make as much mess as possible! This is a lovely product to use - especially if going away somewhere and there is no bath, or you have issues about the cleanliness like I do in some hotels! It folds as it should do and slots into our holdall very easily. It was easy it use and fill up, the plug release was easy to take out and put back in, unlike other baby baths I have used. Not too expensive either.
  • Rating: 9.5 / 10
      CG, Mother of 1, Nottinghamshire
    12 Nov 2010 3:23pm

    I bought my Flexibath about a year ago as a space-saving bath as well as something that would be ideal to travel with instead of those inflatable baths. I love this product! I use it to stand inside our big bath & it's sturdy & secure thanks to the rubber edging. It folds up to a width of about 10cm so it easily srtores down the side of cupboards or would slide underneath the cot, etc. The product is well made & the plastic used for the base & sides is quite warm & holds the warmth of the water well. I have only ever used my Flexibath with my daughter able to sit up so I cannot comment on it's suitability for new-borns but, as I said, I love it!!!