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Nappies and Potty Training - Nappies: disposable

Huggies, New Nappies for Newborns

Huggies, New  Nappies for Newborns review

RRP: £3.71

Innovative new design helps protect your baby from infection whilst their belly buttons heal.

This new design features a cut-out shape that prevents the build up of bacteria around this delicate area by allowing air to circulate. Current advice suggests to parents that nappies should be folded down to prevent the top rubbing against the navel, however with this new and wonderfully simple idea such a process is no longer necessary.

Huggies found that during initial tests, seven out of ten parents who tested the nappies commented that their baby's belly button healed quickly and without any infection.

The nappies also feature a stretchy waistband and an absorbent system that draws moisture away from delicate skin.

With 27 nappies for £3.71, these nappies are great value for money and are starting to hit the shops, they will be widely available by the end of the summer.

What the Media Says...

 These nappies are great and cute too...they are super absorbent and soft on baby's skin. Would definitely recommend them. 

Boots 5*

 These newborn nappies are extra soft for babies delicate skin and can be used for both daytime and nighttime wear meaning there will be no need for any other packs of nappies 


 What a great innovation, it is such a simple change but will make a huge difference to new mums. Cord care is often a surprise to new mums and something they perhaps had not considered until the arrival of their baby. 

Nikki Khan (midwifery expert)


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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      mamaosawe, Mother of 1
    18 Aug 2011 12:33pm
    I love this nappy, they are very soft and its an amazing product. Am really happy Huggies had the idea to make a nappy like that because i think huggies is the best brand and i always use huggies for my Kids.