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Kit & Coco, Head Lice and Eggs Complete Treatment Kit

Kit & Coco, Head Lice and Eggs Complete Treatment Kit review
  • Kit & Coco, Head Lice and Eggs Complete Treatment Kit review
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RRP: £15.75
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The complete treatment kit form Kit & Coco comes with everything needed to eradicate head lice and their eggs from your child's head.

The kit includes 4 treatment shampoo's, enough for treating more than one child (doses depend on hair length), an applicator brush, shower cap, lice comb and a bonus treat for the little ones in the form of temporary tattoo's to keep them busy while you comb their hair!

Also available is a pack of 4 single dose treatment shampoos if you need more to treat the whole family or if more than one child has very long hair.



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  • Rating: 8.5 / 10
      missdmarie, Mother of 3
    27 May 2016 4:27pm

    I recently used this product on my 10yr old daughter who regularly gets headlice. First off I was VERY impressed with the packaging and general look of the product. I loved the very natural look. I was impressed with the large amount of doses (4) in the pack as normally when you buy headlice treatment it's only one.

    The products inside were designed really nicely and extremely easy to use. Instructions were easy to understand as well and no where near as much faffing about as I'm used to. The product didn't have a horrible strong smell and was extremely easy to apply. I like the design of the nitcomb a lot and it was strong enough to get through the mane that is my child's hair as often combs that come with headlice products are weak and break.

    When it comes to how well the product works it seems to have worked really well. The hair isn't left feeling and looking oily or dry and majority of the headlice seem to be gone. I'd say around 50% of the eggs are gone and with more combing I assume they'll eventually all go. The cap is a great little bonus.

    If I could offer some constructive criticism the 'Nit Tattoos' aren't a good idea... I know of no child that would want to wear such a thing! Most kids are embarrassed of having headlice and therefore wouldn't wish to advertise that they have them. Also maybe providing some hair bands to help girls with long hair would be nice? So the oil doesn't ruin their existing band. Also perhaps designing the comb differently so it gets rid of eggs better would be helpful as they're the real problem. I've seen a twisted metal teeth on other combs that claim to get rid of eggs too... Maybe this would be more useful?

    In general though I'm very impressed!