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Affordable and fun holidays in caravans

Caravans are a great choice for holidaying because of the numerous facilities and options they offer. There are many reasonable caravans in the UK and Western Europe which are economic and great fun for camping holidays. Finding these can be easy and the biggest decision holidaymakers will have to face is often where to go.

Why are caravan holidays popular?

These holidays have remained popular for a number of years due to many reasons. They are cost effective, adventurous, and full of scenic delights. They offer quality entertainment and activities suitable for visitors of all ages. This makes them suitable for families with children as well as with couples, older travellers and youngsters. They are also less pricey and more flexible than hotels whilst still offering the same major facilities. Caravanning gives an opportunity to explore different environments whilst staying close to the comforts of home.

Types of caravan and caravanning holidays

Caravans are flexible and offer various facilities such as ovens, kitchenware, hot showers, toilet facilities, freezers, fridges, TVs and DVDs, double beds and comfortable seating. The appliances in the caravans can be updated and therefore allow for constant improvements to be made.

Caravan holidays are cheap and fun, giving you access to basic requirements - but they also offer luxury as well. This makes them an incredibly popular investment for holidaymakers with many people purchasing a caravan in order to have a permanent holiday destination for years to come.

The best way to find these is by looking for caravans for sale at holiday parks, such as Park Resorts. Park Resorts static caravans are available for both rent and purchase and can help people find the perfect holiday destination for them and their family.

How to have an affordable and fun holiday in a caravan

Caravans are located across the English countryside, offering visitors the chance to see natural surroundings that both children and adults will enjoy.  The best way to have a fun and affordable holiday in a caravan is to take advantage of what is immediately on offer – using cycle routes and walking paths to explore the immediate surroundings.

Another way in which to have a fun and affordable holiday in caravans is by taking advantage of the facilities offered by the park. These will typically be paddling pools, heated swimming pools, golf courses, playgrounds and biking trails available for guests to use and often with no additional cost.

Caravan family holidays are also cheaper than travelling abroad if you have big families. Not only does this mean that caravanning holidays will save you money but it also means that it will give you and your family the chance to explore your own homeland, helping children to learn more about the history and varied culture of their own country.

The popularity of camping holidays which offer fun and affordability has become so pronounced over recent years that some have forecasted increased growth for the coming year. One such example, from The Caravan Times, details how the Cumbrian Director of Tourism expects 2012 to see an increased number of caravan holidays to be experienced as Brits look for an affordable holiday away from the capital as the Olympics hit our shores in the summer.


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