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Current Location: SW1W 8EL

Ballet/Dance Classes

South London Dance Studios

130 Herne Hill, Herne Hill, London

Ballet, Tap, Modern and Street Jazz classes for 2 1/2 year olds to adult.

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  • Rated 0.0 / 5
      Mr Charlie, Surrey
    19 Oct 2012 8:02pm

    Unfortunately my first experience with South London Dance Studios was rather sad - I found them to be Unprofessional, Chaotic and rude. My partner wanted to take (adult) tap lessons with this 'studio'. Their website says that someone is available in the office during restricted hours. After many attempts all I got was their answer machine so I left a message. After no return of call and about a week later I left another more exasperated message. I also made further calls to try and make contact – and I 'caught' their office worker who told me her name but it escapes me. She apologised – yes she heard the call on the answer machine and would have to phone me back in the evening as she didn't have the details to hand. At least to her credit she did phone back earlier than promised with the details and said she would send an invoice – and a joiners package. After a further two weeks – the course started next week – still no package had arrived – or no invoice. (They seem very keen to send an 'invoice' when we wanted all the details.) Unfortunately a further call was required this time answered by someone reluctant to give her name – until pressed. Miss Xxx was the reply. (Am I an adult or a child?). Well I said I am Mr Charlie then. 'Miss Xxx' did not believe a word I said and was more interested in challenging the above details than sending me the joiners package – she suggested it had got lost in the post (I order a lot on the internet and nothing has been lost to date) - and challenged my message-leaving technique saying mobile messages are difficult to understand (I was using a landline) . And that they are often unclear (I very deliberately and slowly give my telephone number – and slowly repeat it again at the end). She denied that messages had gone unheeded - (remember her office worker had acknowledged one of the calls). I said I resented being called a liar – and she slammed the phone down. I was so incensed that I phoned her back and told her to forget the invoice as my partner was no longer interested in learning with such a chaotic organisation. 'Miss Xxx' said I was being rude – No Miss Xxx, I was frustrated – and I was not rude. And she slammed the phone down again. My partner will not be doing adult tap with the South London Dance Studio.