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Current Location: SW1W 8EL

Baby Feet Casting

Hazle's Pottery Barn

Hazle's Pottery Barn

33-35 Barleylands Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex
CM11 2UD
01268 270 892

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Haxle's Pottery Barn


Lasting Impressions

Taken in soft clay, are a perfect way of capturing forever the shape and contour of those tiny hands and feet.

It is the work of a few moments, after which we take the clay through two firings, painting, lettering and glazing to produce a keepsake worthy of the name.

You have choice of colour , wording, shape and whether to have it Framed or Ready to hang. Check out our web site for more information. We recommend making an appointment.


Hazle's Pottery Barn 


Hazle's Pottery Barn



Toddlers are always welcome at the Pottery Barn, but on Tuesdays in Term Time they can have more fun for less money!

Between 10.30am and 2.30pm all pre school children can paint ceramics, play with Moon Sand and have a go at some other craft such as the Potter's wheel!  You leave the mess behind with us! And all that with  a reduced studio fee (£4) and 10% off the pottery painted.
(If you especially want the  potter's wheel please phone/email to check calendar.)



Promotion for January - Valid from December 28th  to January 30th (Check website for opening times)
Babies up to 4 months:   With every Framed Hand and Foot Lasting Impression done we make you an EXTRA single hand OR foot the same way - completely FREE! Great for a family present - be ready for Father's Day....  Email us for a promotion code when booking.