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Current Location: SW1W 8EL

Day Nurseries

Home From Home Parsons Green

Home From Home Parsons Green

Quarrendon Street, Fulham, London
020 7736 9029

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Morning Sessions - 8.30 -12.45

Optional sleep till 2.30

Children between 1- 4 years old

Home from Home specialises in entertaining and encouraging children to develop and learn at their own pace within a homely caring environment.  The benefit of having a maximum of nine children is that we encourage the same traditions and values, as they would have at home. Every child is treated as a unique individual with his or her own personality and sense of humour.  Our fun routine creates a happy and secure environment.  Children are encouraged to be thoughtful, kind and helpful to one another as they learn to share and make new friends.  Staffing ratio’s never exceeding 1:3 giving each child close adult attention.  All staff are fully qualified with years of experience.

Home from Home is within a happy family home in Parsons Green, Fulham. The Children have sole use of a bright and spacious playroom with a wide selection of toys and educational equipment.  Lunch is served in the spacious kitchen and the children play in the garden regularly.  We are within five minutes walk from South Park and Eel brook Common and go on a ‘park trip’ most mornings.

The idea of providing quality childcare to young children has come from my experience of day care.  I believe along with much research that young children in particular need individual care in a warm environment.  ‘Home from Home’ allows the child to experience normal aspects of life in a stimulating home environment surrounded by other children.


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  • Rated 5.0 / 5
      simona , Mother of 3, London
    11 Sep 2012 8:21pm
    Had I known of Home from Home when my first son was a baby....my life would have been a lot easier ! With my first child I was so anxious, inexperienced . I could have not trusted any nursery to do a better job than me .......a better place than the warmth and cosiness of our house ! Allegra , my third child, attended Home from Home for 1 year and she has loved every minute . The is no better word to describe it as the name of the nursery itself - it is truly a home from home, in fact "from your home to (even, possibly !) a BETTER home" where experienced smiling staff and lovely children can interact under the constant guidance and involvement of the owner. In this world of nurseries with "plastic Mary Poppins like teachers" wearing bunny rabbits aprons - who couldn't be more remote from the children ! - it is so wonderful that a place like Home from Home has teachers who have a genuine passion for children, extensive experience and they care so much ! Everyday you will be given a written, detailed diary of what your child has done during the day together with the developments and notes about how much food your child did/didn't eat. If you are looking for a place where you can relax and "let go" knowing your child is going to be in the best hands EVER - thank this nursery is the place for you ..........It is not easy to get a place as it is so popular ...so good luck !
  • Rated 5.0 / 5
      Melanie, London
    28 Aug 2012 10:57am

    My daughter Alexandra started attending Home from Home just before her second birthday. I was immediately impressed by how well taken care of and stimulated she was. She quickly grew to love the staff at Home from Home and she blossomed with them. They were very flexible in Alex's schedule - when she was younger she started off gently with just a morning a week and as she got accustomed to it, we gradually increased her mornings. She stayed until she was 3 and a half and ready to start Transition at the her older sister's "big-kid" school. Alexandra was more than prepared for the activities, routine and schedule of a more "academic" environment. Home from Home understood Alex's personality and did what they could through a dynamic program to help her grow. The last time I picked up Alex from Home from Home was a sad day indeed - it did feel like saying goodbye to family!

  • Rated 5.0 / 5
      Corinna Thomas, Mother of 2, London
    16 Aug 2012 10:07am
    My daughter has loved every moment at Home from Home! She has had incredible support and guidance from the staff and we have been so delighted with the happy, fun, caring environment there. She started going to Home from Home when she was just 2 years old and it was incredibly easy to leave her in such a homely environment 3 mornings a week. The small group of children with her are now such good friends. It has made all the little hurdles of early childhood easier for her. We have had feedback with her every visit including a diary of her activities, lots of wonderful artwork and food cooked by the children and they play outdoors as much as possible! My advice is look no further than Home from Home!
  • Rated 5.0 / 5
      Julia Dawson
    15 Aug 2012 8:50am
    We were incredibly lucky to find Home from Home. The care given to all of the children is second to none. The dedication and commitment of the team is really amazing and I couldn't recommend HFH enough. A wonderful, secure start for children.