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Current Location: SW1W 8EL


Whipsnade Zoo


Whipsnade, Dunstable, Bedfordshire
01582 872 171

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Go to see Asian elephants, lions, camels, rhinos, hippos, brown bears, panda and more. There are also a great range of cafés and coffee shops to sustain you throughout your visit. Open 10am-6pm (4pm during the winter).

We strongly recommend you ring Whipsnade Zoo before you set off on your family day out, to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices. It may also be worth visiting the website to see if there are any special events on the day for which you may have to book a ticket. Please also be aware that if Whipsnade Zoo hosts birthday parties, this may limit the access in the cafe/restaurant areas.


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  • Rated 5.0 / 5
      legs21, Bedfordshire
    30 Oct 2012 3:51pm
    I have visited Whipsnade many times over the years and I think it is an excellent day out. The park is in a beautiful location, by Dunstable Downs. The animals are well looked after and if you make the effort, readily visible, happy and exhibit many of their natural behaviours. I've read some of the negative reviews with astonishment. Yes, it's not cheap (don't you check this out before you go there?), yes it's big, in fact it's huge, so you do have to walk around but that's half the fun - I agree the food isn't great and is pricey. So go if you want to be in a great location, see animals in as natural a habitat as we can give them, have time to wander around and don't mind that the weather might not be great. Don't go if you want to be guaranteed to see everything exactly when you want as in a 'normal' zoo, don't want to walk around, have a small amount of time and don't like a bit of bad weather and want to see everything from the comfort of your car - if you want these things you will be disappointed.