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Christmas Baby Toys.. bath toys

Playthings in the bath don’t cost very much but quickly become a baby’s favourite toys. Here is a selection of funky present ideas for bath time.

Bath time is one of the pleasures in a small baby’s day where their senses come alive in a whole new way.

Once your child can sit up on her own (at around 7 to 9 months) pouring, splashing, squirting, creating showers and making things sink can be fascinating processes to experiment with. These bath toys can also help you interact with your child and could prove to be some of his most loved companions. 


Dolphins Dirty Dog

Splash and learn Duck

£9.49, 6mths+

This cute little duck floats in a ring and encourages play through phrases, exciting sounds, sing-along songs and music.


Do-Re-Mi Dolphins

£12.99, 10mths+

These floating dolphins can form a circle or a line, or just be used on their own, but their real appeal is that they each play a note when tapped on the head.


Dirty Dog Squirters

£11.99, 6mths+

These soft bath toys have spots that disappear in warm water and reappear when they cool down – magic! They come in a set of three and the material they are made from is phthalate-free.


Activity Hippo Jungle Squirts Whales

Precious Planet Floating Activity Hippo

£10.99 3mths+

Big hippo and his chums fishy flutterball, rattling penguin, turtle strainer and whale squirter make a lovely first bath toys set and they are easy to hang up to drip dry.


Jungle Bath Squirters

£10, 6mths+

These phthalate-free squirting toys add a splash of colour to bath time and they come in their own zip up carry case.


Chicco Swimming Whales

£12.95, 6mths+

Keep little hands busy with this floating activity centre. Turn the knob on the mummy whale to activate the water wheel or let baby whale slide down her back; put baby whale on the little orange boat, or press baby whale’s tummy to squirt water.



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