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Stokke, Xplory

Stokke, Xplory review

RRP: £495.00
Suitable from: Birth-5yrs

The Stokke Xplory's trademark design is putting your baby in an elevated position so that it's closer to you - and away from traffic fumes, and it can face forward or backwards.  It has a central braking system, locking both back wheels securely without the need for a central brake bar.  This also allows you to walk freely (it's quite easy to find you're kicking the base bar of many pushchairs unless you tilt forward).

The large rear wheels are made with rubber and are filled with micro-air capsules (which basically means you don't need a pump - but gives great suspension).  The handle is height and angle adjustable.  The base chassis is multi-functioning, which allows the attachment and detachment of the carrycot and seat really easily.  All the fabric from the Stokke Xplory can be removed and washed at 40 degrees.

The Stokke Xploryis suitable from birth through to preschool years making it the only carrycot, pram, baby buggy, stroller, pushchair (whatever you want to call it!) necessary plus you can buy a car seat adapter for the chassis to take a Maxi-Cosi car seat.


What the Media Says...

 "It's great to have the baby at your level when sitting at a table. It's easy to keep him engaged and happy. Good for my tall husband. Fits in the boot of smaller car. Two wheel mode for stairs is good too." 


 "It's not been that easy to get used to. There are lots of different knobs and buttons to press and trying to remember what did what was initially very confusing. For instance to fold it when putting it in the car you have to press the buttons on each side of the seat, lift the seat up and manouver the main handle through the gap between the seat and the footrest. Then to fold the base you have to press 2 seperate buttons at the top of the base, lift the base upwards and press another button with your foot to push the back wheels forward(whilst keeping all 4 wheels on the floor). Its a bit like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time and takes quite a lot of practice." 



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  • Rating: 9.5 / 10
    31 Oct 2011 4:31pm
    I have tried many pushchairs being a pramaholic, this by far is the best all in one pushchair. By all in one i mean, which holds car seat, has a carrycot. I was very excited to get this wierd but wonderful pushchair. Got it out the box and thought ok where do i begin. There are alot of functions to it: handle height changer, recline the seat, handle position changer, taking seat unit off, putting down the chassis etc. All are now easily done after i found my way through the great functions. I was very happy when my daughter arrived to test out the carrycot, she was a Jan baby and very snug in the Stokke footmuff that was in the carrycot. Carrycot lasted us around 4/5months, but could've got a little more out of it if it wasn't for my very nosey daughter! I then used the seat unit with the newborn wedge to keep her more comfortable until 6months old. Daughter loved looking around and being high could see everything, on buses could see out the window, over walls (well most) etc. 9months on and i'm still in love and havn't yet bought another pushchair (which is brilliant for me!) One downside i can find so far is the not so good suspension, but all other features from the pushchair out way this little niggle for me. The basket is easily accessed and can fit alot more than what it looks inside it! Raincover is easy to get on once you have done a practice run of how it goes. Overall the pushchair gets 9.5/10 for me (the 0.5 off is simply lack of suspension)