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Pushchairs - Pushchairs from birth

OBaby, Atlas Stroller

OBaby, Atlas Stroller review

RRP: £69.99
Weight: 8kg
Folded: 104h x 24w x 23d
Extras: Hood, raincover, footmuff

The OBaby Atlas Stroller has been a real hit for mums looking for a low cost, but multi-functional pushchair.  The multi-position seat unit can lie flat and is suitable from birth and it is easy compact to fold.  Plus it has a stand so you can fold and store the puschair upright without having to find somewhere to wedge it.

The handles are shaped and covered in foam which is warm in winter, cool in summer and there is a decent and colour co-ordinating shopping basket.

What the Media Says...

 I wanted something sleeker and easier than the travel system I previously had, and this does fit the bill - it is a good size, very sturdy and takes up half the space in the boot.  The downsides I discovered upon delivery are that it doesnt easily collapse - it takes a bit of pushing and pulling on the levers, and the colour is far brighter in daylight than the picture appears. It is almost neon pink and now I have taken outside I can't return, but I am definitely a little embarressed using it, and my husband wont go near it! 

Amazon.co.uk 3/5

 "Brought as occasional stroller for youngest 2 1/2 year old son for nipping out etc. Exactly like McClaren and half the price. My little boy was so happy with his new 'buggy' and cannot escape from this one!" 


 "I bought this pushchair for my 6 month old son, as a replacement for my Silvercross Liner Freeway travel system (which, when taking my son out and about in the car and shopping, is just too bulky!)
The OBaby Atlas is brilliant! It folds very simply (even when using slippers! :o), it's lightweight, has a handly recliner and my son is very comfortable...so much, he falls asleep in it (something he faild to do in the Silvercross). I can steer it comfortably, as too can my 4ft 10" mum, and 6ft 2" hubby! The price is a plus!" 


 "I've had this stroller a few months now and bought for the purpose of short trips round the shops / park etc. I have to say this is a good little stroller and i love the 'circles' design in Khaki Green. I got mine for approx £85 inc parasol and footmuff, so not a bad price at all. Is really nice to push and has easy lie flat option so good for when baby crashes out mid walk! Negatives are that the brake lever is a bit flimsy in my opinion, you have ... one main lever. The footmuff whilst lovely and cosy is made of nylon material which just seems to contantly slide off stroller. I ended up sewing it to straps to hold it in place." 



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