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Bugaboo, Bee

Bugaboo, Bee review

RRP: £419.00
Weight: 7.7kg
Folded cms: 88 x 40 x 31
Handle: Height adjustable

The Bugaboo Bee comes with a silver frame and a black base which can be reversed (forward and backward facing), recline and extend.  The handle offers easy one-handed steering and is height adjustable. 

The tyres are foam filled and have individual suspension springs making a bump-free ride.  You can mix and match the colours of the hood and footmuff (currently they offer black, red, blue, yellow, dark khaki and pink). Included in the price are: frame, sun canopy, shopping basket and raincover.

What the Media Says...

 Originally had a quinny but as Ben grew it didnt fit the boot with the seat attachment so did some research and we bought the Bee. Its great wish we had bought from birth. Everything is washable, its easy to manoevre, only prob is DS head is touching the top of hood now and the Bugaboo customer service we have found to be appauling despite the cost of their products. Still waiting for my break attachments!!! 

Mumsnet 7.8


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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      HanishaMohammad , Mother of 1, Surrey
    18 Jun 2012 9:48pm
    When I first got the Bugaboo Bee, I have to admit I was a little concerned with how small it looked and if my little one would out of grow it quicklyÖ.but then I strap her in and realised how spacious the seat is and how easy it is to use and I was impressed. We are currently using the lie flat option as my little one is only 3 months old and I love the fact that you can strap her in the middle of the seat with no risk of her wiggling down, giving her loads of space to kick and play when we are out and about. The Bee is brilliant in every possible way, its light weight, compact and really easy to use and set up. When you look at the Bee you do think gosh thatís really low, but being 4 foot 9 inch I found this to be one of few buggys to suit my needs and work for me in terms of my height, even my husband loves that it is lower than most buggys and the adjustable arm is great for us I have it on the lowest and it can easily be lifted to suit him. Also with the seat being so low when you are out in a restaurant/coffee shop it is the prefect height to watch over her, or adjust the seat to feed her so there is no need to get her out and sit uncomfortably in a restaurant/coffee shop with a bottle and her wiggling around. Out and about with the Bee is great, its manoeuvrability is brilliant and it does not feel heavy to push at all, making it easy to lift when going up and down stairs and makes going over curbs really easy. Storage is also a plus as we donít have many places to hide things away the Bee doesnít take up much space in our hallway (as we have taken of the removable front wheels off to make it free standing, as they are easy to clip on and off) and is easy to get in and out of the car and is ready to use whenever we need it. There is no need to remove any parts you just open it up and youíre ready to go. This is the main thing I love about it. As a new mum the one thing I am still getting use to is going out on my own with the baby, the Bee makes it easy by being so easy to use and lightweight to carry. There are some negatives to the buggy, it is expensive (but can be worth it if this the style and type you are looking for), I am not sure you can buy it as a travel system with the car seat (but you can clip the car seat in to the buggy), itís not free standing (but you can just take the removable front wheels off) and you have to buy an extra arm to hang toys off as you canít hang them off the hood, as they keep falling. I would recommend this buggy to anyone looking for an easy to use all in one lightweight buggy that can be used from birth. It is a no fuss on hassle buggy.
  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
    24 Mar 2010 11:30am

    Bugaboo bee - Simply the best buggy ever! After my son was born I spent months researching buggies until I settled on the Bee. I wanted a lightweight buggy that was also rear-facing, and the Bee beats all comers by a mile. It copes well on grass, gravel and cobblestones (thanks to locking swivel wheels), the suspension gives a smooth ride on city streets and it glides over most curbs effortlessly. I know some people worry it looks a bit small but my son is above the 75th centile for his age and fits just fine and I can definitely see this lasting till he no longer uses it. I've returned to work so the time we share is limited and I love interacting with him in his buggy on the way to and from nursery, which you simply can't do with a forward facing one (I know because we used one while waiting for our Bee to arrive - it's just not the same). Hubby's over 6ft so the extendable handle is a must, and the one-handed fold is very useful if you're catching a bus. With it's huge shopping basket, narrow frame and tiny turning circle the Bee is a dream for taking shopping, and the flat recline with huge hood makes for a cosy sleeping environment for baby. I love the fact that it's so light I can carry it up steps with baby on board, yet it's design feels sturdy and reliable. The Bee is expensive next to others such as Maclarens but then they don't do rearfacing so for me there's little point in comparing the two. I cannot reccommend this buggy enought for urban mums!!! To sum up, the plus point: Sooo light & easy to steer one handed (light enough to carry up and down steps with ease) Rear facing (& collpases rear-facing too) One-handed fold & unfold(great when you're cathcing a bus) Huge shopping basket Surprisingly sturdy & great suspension Extandable handle yet compact when folded & collapses in one piece And to be balanced, the negatives: Not free-standing when folded Expensive No viewing window in hood (hasn't bothered me as I've not used it forward facing) Rain cover not great once baby's legs are long enough to kick it!