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My Buggy Buddy Lock,

My Buggy Buddy Lock,  review

RRP: £8.95

A lockable clip that allows you to secure bags to your buggy.

With the trend towards expensive buggies on the increase, this is a great product to secure your buggy and also a handy clip to hang your shopping from. It's useful for days out when you may have to leave the buggy unattended, as the lock acts as a deterent against theives.

The design is a simple loop, small enough to fit in a handbag and strong enough to hold quite a few bags. The foam covering prevents the clip from slipping and also protects your buggy from damage.



What the Media Says...

 Bought this just recently and already I'm finding it invaluable. It's so very useful for holding bags on my pram, locking my handbag to the trolley when shopping, securing buggy/pram if you want to leave it outside a shop. I'm sure there are other things I'll be using it for too. Fantastic value for the price and I'm tempted to buy a couple for friends it's so good! 

Amazon 5*


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