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Baby Bjorn, BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

Baby Bjorn, BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Miracle review

RRP: £91.99
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With 50 years experience of designing baby carriers, BabyBjorn's new Miracle baby carrier has generously padded and adjustable waist belt and a comfortable back support with broad shoulder straps which allow for greater comfort whatever your shape or size.  No extra insert is required for newborns and the design is excellent for baby's hips.  An older baby can be face fowards at about 4-5 months.  All fabric seams are place on the outside so as not to chafe against uncovered legs and arms.

What the Media Says...

 Yesterday I walked 10km(6,2 miles) with my 10kg(22 pounds) baby in this carrier! At the end I was tired of course but not exhausted! And I'm a woman and not particularly fit!
It's an amazing product with unbelievable back support. Absolutely worthed the money! 

 Better than other baby bjorns, very comfortable, easy to wear & place baby in & adjustable height is a must. 

Amazon 5 stars

 Fantastic baby carrier does exactly what it says on the tin! This carrier is safe, snug and secure. I feel very reassured using this hands free carrying my 3 month old baby. (other carriers i.e mothercare I always felt compelled to hold my baby whilst in the carrier). 

Amazon 5 stars


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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      Mrs L, Mother of 1, Norfolk
    25 Jan 2013 8:40am
    Excellent product. Needless to say all my friends have one so I think the product's reliability is reflected in its popularity. My daughter is a tall 8 month old and I find she is now too heavy to cart around for more than an hour. But up until now it has been a must. Also, it is easy to adjust so that both my husband and I have used it regularly.