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Out and About - Car seats from 9 months

Graco, Logico M

Graco, Logico M review

RRP: £119.00
Weight: 4.5kg
Size cm: 70 x 100 x 100

The Logico M car seat is suitable for babies from 9 months to 4yrs (maximum 18kg weight capacity). It features 5 recline positions, removable head support and side impact protection for added safety.

What the Media Says...

 It's easy to get this seat into place with your car's seatbelt, and it feels secure enough.  The big seat seems to have a fair amount of side protection, and it was easy to clip the harness together, even when Lucas was fidgeting about.  The other thing I liked about this car seat was its height which enabled Lucas to see out of the window. 

Practical Parenting

 I have been using this for just over a year. It is very strong and I feel my daughter is very safe in it. The covers can be removed to clean although this is a bit of work figuring out how to get it off. It seems very comfortable but the only downside I have is that I have a small car and the seat is rather chunky and is bihind the passenger seat... we have to keep the passenger seat far forward so my daughters legs can get behind the seat as its a rather big seat. 

Mothercare 3/5


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