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Out and About - Car seats from 9 months

Bebe Confort, Iseos

Bebe Confort, Iseos review

RRP: £144.00
Weight: 9kg

Thie Bebe Confort Iseos car seat is renowned for its comfortable and safety features over most others, and the fact that it can accommodate larger babies has been an advantage in not having to buy more than one Group 0 car seat.  But it is wider (with wings) so may not suit a small car with another car seat.

What the Media Says...

 I am very happy with this car seat. You can spend the same amount of money on another car seat but you don't get the extra padded seating of side impacts as you do on this bebe confort one. The material is of high quality and is available in a darker colour. Its good how you can clip the straps to the sides when putting baby in it. You can also adjust the sides where youcan make them wider as baby grows.

Babyworld 5 stars

 The best part of this seat has got to be the side padding. It is double-padded with high sides which can be adjusted by up to 15cm (simply twist a knob and the sides of the seat will move outwards or inwards so it can be widened as and when you want it to). This allows for comfort as your child grows. 

Dooyoo 5 stars


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